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The last (and very old) Question of U:
What's the ultimate piece of Prince merchandise?
Dig the responses we got and maybe even add yours.

From our archives,
the meaning of 319.

Read the 319 article Go to A Funky Place These place names in
our home town might
sound familiar.

The new PM Dawn album
featuring the hit single
"My Name is Prince B"

My name is Prince B dig Hassen's Pokemon Song! The Pokemon Song as written
by Prince!
A kick-ass parody by Hassen.

Prince's Ideal Girl.

dig Prince's dream girl. go 2 Call The Law (the Gallery) Our Gallery of Pix of Prince -
complying with Universal Law.
100% free of his image.
See how we did it.

From the too-hot-for-TV show
SEX: a ho' with a
Symbol tattoo on her butt.

go 2 the tattoo read about the Full Frontal parody; option 2 download it. Parody of 1999 from Totally Full
Frontal, an Australian TV show.
Download the MP3 here.

The songs that never made
it off the drawing board.

go to The Misses The Besides go to Play Me

The Classic Metropolitan Orchestra
plays the music of PRINCE.

Prince's influence extends
beyond music and into the
heady world of hairstyling.

go to My Hair go 2 Star Trek: Emancipation Our pirate Star Trek spinoff.

The Old Experience
@ the 1998 GQ Awards

go 2 Old MF go 2 the Morris Day Experience Our small homage 2
Morris E. Day.

All the Prince stuff we
can find in the Simpsons.

Go to Chaos And DiSimpsons send Emale 2 2nigs Got anything interesting U
think we could use, or just
want 2 say hi... Email us.
MAD magazine's 1984 parody
of Purple Rain, reprinted with-
out permission.
mad sUx: click 4 Purple Rain parody links from 2nigs United 2 Webdom Links 2 other sites about
Prince. And anything else we like.
Now 99% FREE of His image!

Prince has asked that his image
not be used on fan sites.
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