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Imprint Imaging Wedding: Michael & Bec
  • Imprint Imaging Wedding: Renee & Matt

  • Going through my check lists this morning I discovered this gorgeous wedding has skipped a blog post. It definately needs to be shared with the world! Renee and Matt. Gorgeous as individuals and definately gorgeous as a couple. I will say even more gorgeous as a family if that is even possible. T[...]
  • Imprint Imaging Wedding: Scott & Elisha

  • . There are some people who you fall in love with instantly. They are people that you just get this massive connection with right from the first moment and you know there is something extra special about them. For me, they are usually very loving, very warm, down to earth and outgoing people. I f[...]
  • Imprint Imaging Wedding: Phil & Lauren

  • They met at a hockey function and realised they should have met such a long time before. Lauren actually knew everyone in Phil's family but for some reason had never really met Phil. She could see that with the family he had, he was already an amazing guy. There was no way she could know all these s[...]
  • Imprint Imaging Wedding: Jordan & Jennah

  • . Love is knowing you will spend every day, of every week, of every month, of every season, of every year for the rest of your life with this person, and thinking, 'This is exactly what I want - unknown They were so excited to see Jennah preparing for her wedding day. They were her closest fri[...]
  • Imprint Imaging Wedding: Lachlan & Ariane

  • They say that opposites attract and so often, this statement couldn't be closer to the truth. Don't be suckered in by this and think that it is always opposites that can find true love. Sometimes you can find someone that shares so many similarities that everything seems perfect ... it is perfect. T[...]
  • Imprint Imaging Wedding: Chris & Lauren

  • It was one of those chance meetings that brought two people, who had no idea that the other existed, into the same moment in time. It was one of those stories where two people had very different lives and one person managed to change their life path forever. Lauren was excited this night. It was [...]
  • Imprint Imaging Wedding: Matt & Belinda

  • She was a breath of fresh air as she moved between flower girl to bridesmaid. Belinda was super relaxed and had everything under control. The girls were all organised and one by one getting into their dresses and the flower girl was having her hair done, and taking centre stage of the room. Everyone[...]
  • Imprint Imaging Wedding: Josh & Rachel

  • It was like something out of a magazine ... a really exquisit magazine that makes you gasp in awe. Everything was perfect .... well more than perfect really. There doesn't get much better than the setup at Rachel & Joshs wedding. On their family property, under the shade of the huge trees, wa[...]
  • Imprint Imaging Wedding: Glen & Steph

  • He knew how to impress when he saw Steph. Glen knew that Steph had something pretty special and he knew that he wanted to form more than just a friendship with her. He was the perfect gentleman and he made an impression on her ... he made it into her heart pretty fast. Steph knew that Glen was so[...]
  • Imprint Imaging Wedding: Jess & Scott

  • She greeted us with a smile, a huge smile. It was the type of smile that lights her eyes and tells you she is happy .... really happy. Jess wasn't nervous, anxious or stressed, she was just enjoying her day. She helped the bridesmaids get dressed, she helped the flowergirls put on their shoes. She w[...]
  • Imprint Imaging Wedding: Ben & Jess

  • He was perfect. He greeted all the guests and made everyone feel incredibly welcome. He shook hands and gave out warm embraces because everyone that was there to share in this moment meant something very deep to Ben and Jess. Ben was nervous .... but he was doing well to keep his mind off his nerves[...]