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  • Imprint Imaging Wedding: Emily & Ben

  • . It was a signal of love right from the first moments. As their most loved ones watched, all three of them walked down the aisle together. This ceremony was the seal of love between Emily and Ben, that was guaranteed. It was also to unife their family. This marriage was not only about two people[...]
  • Imprint Imaging: We're back !!!

  • We had a lovely weekend !! A well needed break at Australis Diamond Beach. We stayed in a 3 bedroom beach house and they are simply the best ! Lots of room, full kitchen to ensure lots of yummy food, 3 bathrooms so you don't have to share with the kids and big beds !! We wined and dined in the re[...]
  • Forster Commercial Photography: Australis

  • Jason spent Thursday morning out of the office, photographing the facilities of Australis Diamond Beach Resort. While the accommodation is luxurious and the facilites to die for, the focus was on the conference catering that they can offer. The function room can hold up to 100 delegates in a thea[...]
  • Australis Diamond Beach: The perfect place

  • As you all know, we had the privilege of showcasing our photography at their Bridal Open Day. The day was perfect - wonderful weather, breathtaking room setup and the atmosphere from the live band was brilliant. Jason has had the pleasure of photographing weddings at Australis previously but I wa[...]