Imprint Imaging Baby: Keanu

He steals my heart in every kind of way. We have a connection that started when he was tucked away inside his Mummy. I used to talk in an annoying voice with my head pressed against his Mummys belly and I used to tell him that he had to be good for Aunty Nik when we had photos. I would tell him crazy things and lots about the outside world. Most of all I would just say “heeeelllooooo bubba” in the most annoying high pitched voice just to drive his Mum crazy. She told me he would come out and punch me straight away :)

When he entered the world, it was one of the most amazing births I have ever documented (you can recap here ). It is unbelievable to think the months have gone so fast. He is now so much bigger, so much wiser and so incredibly adorable. He loves people, he loves to be spoken to (I try and claim that I helped with that), and he loves to watch everything in his world.

He is one of those babies who has been here before. He is very switched on and he doesn’t like to be treated like a baby. You can just watch his frustration as he would much prefer to be running by now then laying around. One thing that he loves is his Mummy and Daddy. They are so in love with their little man and he is so in love with them. Nothing is better than watching your friends become parents and see them grow as people. Parenthood changes everyone and it really changes people in the best possible ways. Parenthood to Ange and Greg is so incredibly natural, wonderful and the best thing they have ever done in their lives. Sending huge hugs and kisses to all of you xoxo















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