Imprint Imaging Birth: Thea

I am just about to show off Tiffany’s pregnancy and Thea’s newborn shoot but before I do, I want to show you Thea’s arrival first. I posted a couple of sneak peeks on our Facebook page so for those who follow us on Facebook you would remember this little girl from a few weeks ago.

Tiffany and Ryan were waiting for their little princess to arrive for what seemed like an eternity. Nine months can feel like forever when you are so incredibly excited to become parents. Of course, their little girl was in no hurry and went past her due date as most first babies do and how incredibly frustrating that can be. Every day past your due date feels like a whole year has passed  … well almost :)

On a Thursday afternoon Tiffany started to get pains. They were the type that make you incredibly excited to be finally having pain. They went in a few hours later to make sure everything was travelling smoothly and got told it was probably best to head home and rest as much as you can as this baby was starting to make it’s arrival into the world. I have no idea why people think you can rest when every pain is exciting. It is finally happening and you are so excited that resting is just not going to happen.

Through out the night, Tiffany still had consistent pain and she “rested” as much as she could. By morning, they had become stronger and things had been turned up a few notches that was for sure. Around lunch time Tiffany and Ryan decided that it was time to head back to the hospital.

This time when they got there, things took a big turn and they discovered their little girl was breech. Ryan said he had thought all along that she was the wrong way around and next time he is going to go with his instincts. So given their options, they decided to have a cesarean.

I explained to Ryan over the phone that although the rules of the hospital state that only one person can enter the theatre to support the patient, I can still document the birth just not the moment she entered the world.

So, at 7.30pm on Friday 8th July, I saw the moments of a Daddy bonding with his little girl as they waited for her Mummy and I witnessed the first moments that Tiffany held her baby girl. That moment was amazing.

Waiting for Mummy to arrive in her room …..


Daddy’s little girl, right from the start ……


The depth of Tiffany’s love can be seen so clearly ….




Ryan was so excited to share Thea’s weight and length. He is the proudest Daddy …



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