Imprint Imaging: Magnetic Island

We have arrived.

As soon as we disembarked from the ferry we were taken to our accommodation and it is veeeery nice. Pure Magnetic Villas. Definately the must stay place if you ever visit Maggie Island (like the tourist lingo we have picked up in one day). To the locals it is Maggie Island and we have embraced the laid back lifestyle that much that we may as well use the local lingo.

This is our Maggie Island residence for the next three days.




Yesterday was the day I had planned to hire those little scooters and buzz around the island. Seemed like a fun idea. Little did I know that they are not as easy as they look. Jase and I went to the Road Runner Scooter Hire shed and commenced our initiation into the world of scooters. Jase become best mates with his scooter Shelby and I chose the gorgeous little pink number Paris. Each bike has a name and a personality to go with it. Jase had the relaxed, seemingly easy scooter. I am sure it was the temperament of his bike and not just the fact that he picked it up like a pro in 2 mins. Paris was a little temperamental and her and I had to get to know each other a lot better when it came to stopping. Sharing the road with the locals and me on Paris was a little challenging at intersections !

Meet Shelby and Paris ….


Today’s agenda … Lunch and a wedding pre shoot with our gorgeous wedding couple ahead of their big day. I can’t wait for the big day tomorrow !!!

Have a great Saturday everyone xo

happy wheels