Imprint Imaging Newborn: Brodie & Jack

Jack’s Daddy and Brodie’s Daddy are twins. They both welcomed sons into the world three days apart. You couldn’t plan a better story if you tried.

It is amazing that twin boys would years later, become fathers to boys within the same week. I find it amazing. I find myself wondering what lies before these two boys. I wonder how close they will become. I wonder whether they will reach life milestones at the same time. I wonder whether they will find themselves in the same hospital within the same week when their wives have babies. Instinct tells you surely not, but after their birth stories, it shows you just never know.

Jack and Brodie, you are just so cute. Jack I am told is the inqusitive one who is keen to explore the world. He has two big sisters who he clearly already admires and he can’t wait to be as big as them. You can already see this in his few short weeks.¬†Brodie is the placid sleepy baby. I am told it is rare to see him awake as he is just so cruisy and super content.

When they had their photos taken, I got to see a range of personality. Brodie started off sleeping and Jack was wide awake, and then, it was like the flick of a switch and Brodie decided to check out what was going on while Jack drifted off to sleep. They are perfect, just perfect in every way.

Meet Brodie:




Meet Jack:




The two gorgeous cousins:





We also took a few shots of Jack and his big sisters … pure love



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