Imprint Imaging Baby: Mason

Every morning I try and set aside half an hour in my routine to check my Google reader. For those that may be unfamiliar, Google reader is a feature that you can enter all the blogs you love and reader will inform me when there is a new entry to read. I have just done a count and I have 72 blogs in my Google reader so there is no way I would go to each individual blog and see if they had a new post. For those who follow lots of blogs, it is the only way to keep track.

So this morning I was reading one of my blogs and it had this quote:

I want you to know that you are worth believing in. You’re worth fighting for. You are worth the energy… the work… the wait… You’re worth it all! Believe in yourself… Believe in the possibility.

And then fight for it.

It really hit a chord with me today and I have made it my personal Facebook status for the day. It says so much, it reinforces inner strength, it tells you to keep pushing for the things you want but most of all, it reassures that you are worthy. I believe everyone that reads it will walk away with a different message. The beauty of this statement is it applies to everyone no matter where you are, no matter what life is throwing at you at that moment.

Right now, I am going to apply this statement to this little guy, Mason.

Right now, he has no idea what life holds before him. What I can say is that he is all of those things. He is worth believing in, worth fighting for and worth the energy. He is worth everything that this world has. His Mummy and Daddy are the ones who are going to give him the confidence, the reassurance and the support for him to find his dreams. Everything that he can wish for will be obtainable. Everything he wants he can have. The best thing about his future is that he has two amazing parents who are going to nurture his dreams, fulfill his wishes and stand beside him throughout everything in life.

Mason, the world is at your feet, go fight for it! xo
















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