Imprint Imaging Birth: Isaac

I have been busting myself to get these images on the blog. It has been the craziest two days with so much going on. I can’t even begin to tell you how many gorgeous babies I have to show off!

This is the last of my big run of birth photography clients. I had five women due within a nine day period and it has been so busy as you all can see from my blog. Monday was the day that little Isaac decided to make his arrival to the world and how amazing and super fast it was!!

Kylie told me when we did her pregnancy shoot (you can recap here) that she knew she would go overdue. She was over with Samuel and she just knew that Isaac was going to be the same.

Call it mothers intuition but she was so right. Kylie was 9 days overdue and headed into hospital for an induction. Surprisingly she only needed a little help to start her labour and then Isaac was on his way. Now, the little man had been in no hurry to arrive so Monday was no different. It wasn’t until 6.20pm that I got the call from Jase that it was time to head up.

Luckily I only live 2 mins away from the hospital because when I walked in, Isaac was well on his way. In fact he arrived three minutes after I walked in the door!! The most beautiful little man made his fashionably late arrival at 6.35pm.

The thing that stood out to me was the mood within the room. The music playing was incredibly beautiful. It was soft, relaxing and it gave this incredible sense of peace within the room. We all stood back and just watched in awe as Kylie held her son and had the most amazing bonding time with him. No one said a word, there was incredibly silence, and everyone just watched the most amazing mother and son moment I have ever seen. I give incredible praise to Dr Strong. I admired the way she stood back and allowed Kylie to have the time she needed to just absorb everything about that moment in time. There was no rush, there was no medical intervention of procedures, it was just a mother and her child sharing an incredible love.  Kylie made the call about when she wanted things to happen after the birth, she had even lifted the baby to her own chest, and she just had the most amazing moments really taking in everything she had just achieved. Simply breath taking!






















The next morning I arrived before Jase brought Samuel into meet his new little brother. We wanted to capture those first moments. They are something you never get back and it was so beautiful to watch Samuel’s amazement that his little brother was finally out of his Mum’s tummy ….








Congratulations Kylie and Jason. You are both beautiful, caring, amazing people and I love spending time with you both. The compassion and love you have for everyone is amazing and you made me feel like a long time friend and family member. I cannot wait to share the next year with you. I thoroughly enjoy every moment I see you. Thank you for allowing me into your moment in time xo

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