Imprint Imaging Birth: Ky

Kirsty had already booked in for pregnancy and newborn photos. She sent me an email and asked about birth photography. As she said to me, “I have photos when I had the other two kids but that are not what I call artistic or display on the wall quality”. When she sent me the message I knew from that moment that I had the perfect person to assist me in completing my Doula course. I needed two births as a practical component of my assessment and I had that feeling that Kirsty would be perfect.
We arranged a lunch date and I told her my plans. She was fast to say a big yes and for that I am eternally grateful. From then on we have discussed her past births, her expectations and wishes, her “do-not-wants” and everything in between. It then became a waiting game.

Kirsty was told that she would go into labour early and there was no way she was going to carry to full term. Well, she proved them wrong! With quite a few false starts in between she actually ended up going overdue. There is nothing more frustrating I believe then going full term when you are prepared to go early!

On Easter Sunday I got the message that things were happening and it was time. When I arrived she was labouring perfectly. She had told me earlier that she went into her own zone and laboured on her own for most of the time. She was completely spot on and everyone just left her to go into her zone and she was really amazing. Really amazing! The inner strength that she has is nothing short of incredible. The way she coped, the way she got herself through her pain was remarkable. She even blew me away with her strength and I knew she was going to be perfect anyway.

After only a few short hours, Ky Jaiden Lucas Leaver entered the world. He made a rather big arrival at a huge 9 and a half pound !! Anyone that can labour so incredibly and deliver a 9 and a half pound baby is incredibly in my eyes. Kirsty, you really were amazing and I will continue to tell you that.

The biggest thing that Kirsty wanted was her family to share in this amazing moment. With Haden by her side and Hollee and Coopah, their family is now complete. The kids think he is very special and Haden is one proud father as you could imagine.

Haden and Kirsty – Thank you for helping me with my course. Thank you for allowing me into that amazing moment in your life. Thank you for becoming my new really good friends. Thank you for everything. xo





This makes me smile. While Kirsty was in her zone, Haden ensured her dinner didn’t go to waste. I love it :)


The incredible act of birth unites, strengthens and brings every part of two peoples love together……..





The moment a mother sees her child for the first time. It brings tears to me every time ………




Yes gorgeous girl, you did it !!






Look at the amazement and wonder on their faces. A new little brother to love …….






Nothing like a quick photo shoot under the hospital bed …….



Big newborn Ky ……..






happy wheels