Imprint Imaging Birth: Vincent’s Slideshow

I having been so busy with babies lately, four in the last week to be precise. I still have one more baby due to arrive within the week and a half so the birthing boom is not quite over for me yet. I say it time and time again but I really love the entire birthing process. It is so amazing to see a woman bring a child into this world.

Eventually I would love to enter the midwifery field. At this present moment though, I have way to much on my plate to enter Uni studies so I have been undertaking the next best thing for me at this time. I have been completing my Doula studies and it is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. A Doula for those who aren’t sure is a professional support person during labour. The whole process starts before labour and is about discovering a womans wishes, preparing them for labour and giving them the tools and strength they need for labour. During labour it is about helping, assisting, and empowering a woman to get through the most amazing time in her life.

This weekend I have completed my practical components of my course with Angela and Kirsty. Both were entirely different situations, entirely different pain management techiques but in the end, both of them had amazing natural births and found amazing strengths within themselves. I will be sharing  more about my Doula experiences with you at a later date. I am just so excited to combine my love of birth, my passion for delivery and my birth photography in the ultimate way. If you are pregnant and would like to find out more about my Doula services please drop me an email.

I know you all follow my birth photos and have as much love for them as I do. The thing I have never had the chance to share until now has been what happens with these images afterwards. With these gorgeous shots, we create a slideshow for Mum and Dad. This takes the photos to an entirely different level and is breath-taking. I shed tears let alone when Mum and Dad sit down to watch. Everyone sends me a message telling me how much they cried and how in love with the slideshow they are.

Niki has allowed me to share her slideshow with you. Due to the private nature of the images no-one has allowed me to share this before with the world and for that, I am incredibly grateful Niki. Thank you for letting the world share in your moment. xo

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