Imprint Imaging Birth: Keanu

As a little girl, most of us dream about becoming a Mummy one day. We have our life ahead of us and most of us have a plan that will include a white wedding and at least one baby. Most of us have an inner nurturing that knows one day, when we have found the right man, we will have babies and we will become a Mother. It is just a given.

I can put my hand up and say that I was incredibly lucky and fell pregnant easily, very easily actually. I can also put my hand up and say that I took falling pregnant for granted. We never struggled, it never took more than two months and it seemed easy. I think most people do take it for granted actually, that is until you are the one faced with an inability to fall pregnant or you watch someone very close go through the struggle of conception.

When I thought about how I was going to write Keanu’s arrival to the world and about the incredible love I have for two of my bestest friends in the world, I didn’t know where to start. I really struggled more than any other post I have written before because I have SO much I want to say. I want to tell Ang and Greg how much I love them, I want to tell them how thankful I am to have them in my life and to be a part of Keanu’s arrival, I wanted to share his arrival story with you all. Despite all of that, it didn’t seem enough, it just wouldn’t fall into place so I asked Ang if she would mind me sharing her journey and mention IVF. Without a doubt she said yes I could share it with you because she believes it is important and something that should be shared. I totally agree with her.

Statistics say that one in six couples will have issues conceiving and will need IVF to assist in their reproduction. Sometimes there are problems with either the woman or the man, but sometimes there is no explainable reason. Everything should do the job it is supposed to do but for some reason it just isn’t. After spending a year trying to create their child, they need the help of some incredible technology. People that have gone through the struggle of trying to conceive and then having to turn to IVF will really understand how amazing medical science is. That moment when they do that pregnancy test and it is positive, the words will never describe. After a year or more of trying, finally it has happened. They have created a new life, their dreams have come true.

Angela emailed the same day she saw that positive pregnancy test. I could see the smile through the screen. After more than twelve months, she was pregnant !!!! For the past nine months, this little man has grown inside her. She has felt every hiccup, every movement and Greg has been by her side. When he felt those first movements the grin lasted for days. That has been the biggest thing that I have watched throughout this pregnancy. Ang has always said, this is about the two of them and it has been so important for her and Greg to share equally in the ride. They have both become so close, so in love and it is so evident that this little man has created an even stronger bond.

On Thursday I got the text about lunch time to say that it was D-day. Their little man was coming into the world. I can say that the experience of Keanu’s arrival was the most amazing thing I have ever been a part of. Not only did I photograph her birth but I was one of her support people alongside Greg. To have such an active role in their little mans life was and still is nothing short of amazing. Angela, you are amazing. You handled every contraction so perfectly and you delivered the most perfect little boy.

Guys, I love you both to bits and I have said that every day. You know how proud I am, you know how much I value you both and you know that this was nothing short of amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My life is so much richer because of both of you – now all three of you. HUGE hugs and kisses xoxo



Everybody who knows this girl knows how bad her chocolate addiction is. She is a true Cadbury’s girl, yes, even in labour ….. :)



I realy don’t need words to explain this. All I can say is it was as funny in person as it looks here ……..




The moment their world changed forever …..























This is one of my favourite moments of all. Keanu had arrived, he had been weighed and dressed, the relatives had visited and then it was just them. It was the moment where the world stopped for them and they got to really absorb everything that had happened. They had created the most amazing little boy. He was here, he was safe and he was all theirs. The love from that moment can never be completely described and never lived again …..


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