Imprint Imaging Birth: Addison

The phone beeped and the message read that she was now 5-6cms dilated. It was 1.40am so I did the math in my head and predicted a 4am delivery. I knew that the next call wouldn’t be that far away and I was to excited to sleep. Even after 12 births, I still get butterflies and I still get anxious as I watch the clock. I got up and started pacing. I sat at the computer and began blogging but I couldn’t concentrate. Thank goodness it was only 47 mins later that I got the call to head up, it was getting very close.

The streets were empty and dark. As I drove towards the hospital I had one of those moments. I had the reinforcement of how amazing the process of birth is. As I drove past each house, their windows were filled with blackness. As people slept and filled their heads with dreams, their was a woman doing the most amazing job we could ever possibly do. She was bringing her baby into the world and everyone outside of her little hospital room had no idea. It is amazing that the world can be oblivious to the happenings inside the walls of that building.

I waited in emergency to be escorted to the delivery suites and in walked Nathan’s Mum, Dad and Grandma. I had never met them before but I could just tell why they were there. I announced, “I think we are going to the same place” and their smiles were from ear to ear. The excitement, anticipation, wonder and hope were all for this moment. The best thing about this amazing family is that from the first moment I met Nathan and Stacey, they made me feel like a friend. Nathan’s family were just as warm and welcoming and I could see why Nathan and Stacey were so amazing. The whole family is incredibly special.

Stacey – you were amazing and handled everything so perfectly. You are an incredibly strong woman who has delivered the most gorgeous little girl. You are definately one of the funniest people I know and I told you that this morning as well. You made me laugh so many times and I will never forget the early hours of this morning.

Nathan – you are the most amazing support person. I stood in the corner and just took it all in several times and watched how perfectly you handled everything. You were Stacey’s strength and focus. You did the most incredible job and you should be super proud of yourself. Your little girl is going to have you wrapped around her finger, I can see that already :)

Enjoy little Addison’s arrival to the world ….


















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