Imprint Imaging Birth: Little Vincent

I still remember the day she came into work and said she was trying for baby number three. As she started her shift she told me about her plans and the excitement was in her eyes. It was only about 4 weeks later that she arrived at work with an unusually big spring in her step, it was pretty clear from the moment I saw her that she was pregnant. A think a woman radiates from those first moments they know a new life is growing inside them.

I have watched her belly grow and the pregnant waddle kick in over the past couple of weeks. It has been an amazing experience sharing in the weekly changes and we have documented the process several times along the way. Niki found out at 20 weeks that she was having a little boy and she was incredibly excited. With two boys already under her belt, a third would be the final piece in her family and she is now an expert with boys.

Yesterday morning at 8.30am, my phone rang. The call had come that her baby was on it’s way. When I arrived at the hospital things were well and truely underway, but as we know, babies have their own schedule so he decided to not make his arrival to fast.





With a beautiful labour, and a Mummy who did so well through her contractions, little Vincent made his arrival to the world at 1.55pm.


It was the first birth that Niki’s grandmother had ever seen. Her emotion was overwhelming and it is definately something she will never forget …




They were the most amazing support people you could ever wish for …..



Vincent Christopher …..6lb 12oz ….. 49cm long


An amazing moment when two people are just absorbed by their love and the baby they have created …..





The pride in his Daddy’s eyes was so clear. Another son for him to love, teach and protect for the rest of his life …


Niki & Chris – a huge congratulations once again. You have created another handsome son and it was my pleasure to document his arrival into the world. I can’t wait to watch him grow and share in this little man’s life. Sending huge hugs and kisses xo

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