Imprint Imaging Weddings: Imogen & Darryl

We arrived and all the guys looked handsome. All four groomsmen and one groom stood at the front of the church. We approached Darryl and his smile won me over straight away. He has that smile and just makes you smile back. It is warm, friendly and approachable and I have a feeling it was Darryl’s smile that got Imogen’s attention way back when.

He appeared slightly nervous. The usual amount of nerves for most grooms. I usually describe it as nerves mixed with excitement and eagerness as all they really think about are the jobs they have to do and how long before they can have a drink and relax. Most grooms hate standing at the front of the church. They feel like everyone has their eyes on them and believe it or not, the amount of pressure guys feel standing at the end of the aisle is pretty high.

Darryl watched as everyone filled the chapel. He smiled and gave a welcoming nod, sometimes shaking hands. I stood back and watched for a moment and I could see that everyone who Imogen and Darryl had invited to their wedding meant something special. Everyone had been selected as they played an important part in their lives and it was clear to see.

The cars pulled in and out stepped a glowing bride. Her dress grabbed me instantly, it was different. Different by being incredibly gorgeous. It was an amazing colour. It had the perfect amount of detail and it I can’t think of anything that would have suited her so well. The gown selection had been perfect. I remember thinking, “oh wow !” as Imogen stepped from the car and I can’t imagine what must have went through Darryl’s mind.

The ceremony was beautiful. It had such a family connection written into it and celebrant Debra Steber had written a gorgeous ceremony. Imogen & Darryl’s two sons are so important to them and that was clear through the entire service. Jason was the most handsome ring bearer I have ever seen and he did his job with his chest puffed out. You could see how important he felt being a part of his Mum and Dad’s wedding and he stole so many hearts.

After they had kissed. After documents were signed. After congratulations were given. After family photos were taken. We all headed out to the beach. Imogen has the beach in her blood and it is where she feels at home. With the waves crashing behind them they smiled and laughed at each other. They shared stories about their morning, they hung off every word.

I can see how in love Imogen and Darryl are. They are incredibly well suited for each other and it is clear to see how perfect their life will be ahead of them. They are soon to welcome a new addition to their family and after spending the day with them and seeing the love they already have for Jason and Nick, this new bubba is being born into a family already built around love.




















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