Imprint Newborn Photography: Totally melts your heart

As promised the babies are coming back! I have a heap of bubs to blog and they will all make your heart melt.

Nothing makes it melt more than a itty bitty newborn. They are so flawless, fresh, soft and new. They have that ability to turn you into a gooey mess without even moving.

Newborns hold a VERY special part of my heart. I am so proud of myself for fine tuning the art of baby posing. When I am playing with the bubs I feel like letting out an almighty YES !! when the bub totally goes with my ideas. The excitement inside is very hard to contain but the last thing I want is for the parents to think I am a big nutter – well more than normal !! lol

This is Mikayla. She is the most gorgeous little girl.  Mum brought her in when she was brand spanking 6 days old. This makes the biggest difference in getting these peaceful sleepy pics. The younger the better. In fact, Mum had someone ring up the morning she had bub to book in for photos. That is dedication !!

Enjoy. xo










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