Imprint Wedding Photography: Amber & Craig

There are so many wedding blog posts at the moment but I promise the bubs will return. I have so much to blog but we are in the peak wedding month and time of the year that all our sneak peeks are appearing. Yesterday we shot the 8th wedding of the month and what a brilliant one to finish of the biggest wedding month of the year – more on that one during the week.

Today’s blog is a sneak peek for Amber and Craig. They have only just gotten married and what a beautiful day they had.

What an amazing couple they are. They have started the ultimate dream of securing their future by purchasing land. It is a gorgeous property and the vision these two have for their future is just perfect. There was no better place to begin their journey as husband and wife then on their own land, their future. Debra Steber performed a gorgeous ceremony for Amber & Craig.

A wedding ceremony is a time to incorporate special rituals and that is what Amber & Craig chose to do. Some special relatives from Scotland who couldn’t attend the special day, sent over a wonderful gift. It was a Quaich (or wine cup or loving cup). The purpose of the Quaich ceremony is for the bride and groom to share their first drink together as wife and husband and to show the coming together of two families. The cup is usually passed down from generation to generation, ensuring happiness and good fortune to all who drink from it. It is a special moment for the couple to toast their love, devotion, and friendship.

The reception was also on the property. Craig is an amazing builder who has built the most impressive shed you will ever find. I can’t wait to see the house he builds one day. If the shed is anything to go by, the house will be incredible.

Congratulations guys  xo

















And a sneak preview of tomorrows blog from Katey & Grants wedding:


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