Taree Wedding Photography: Jaimie & Ben

I have a list of photo locations I would love to shoot. Some of these are local and some are much further. They are all selected for different reasons and mostly because I can see the exact style of shoot I would like to do.

I got to tick off one of my wish list locations recently. I have admired these trees for a long time and when Jaimie came into the studio and told me about her wedding I was more excited than I dared to show. I was really hoping she came back to book after our initial meeting, as I knew I would get to photograph one of my dream locations.

Well, Jaimie did email me and booked her wedding photography. I was super excited and I have been waiting for the day to arrive. Jaimie’s Dad owns the property with the ¬†Jacaranda tree driveway in Taree Estate. A lot of people know it and it features a lot in wedding photographs in the local area. Her dad told me he gets a phone call every fortnight with someone asking to use his driveway and he always says yes. Frank is one of the nicest men you will ever meet and I am so glad I got a chance to chat.

So not only did I use the driveway, I got to use the whole property. I could pick anywhere I wanted to go and there are so many little pockets of beauty that I could shoot anywhere. I got to fulfill my dream of going further than the driveway and I am so in love with the property. I plan on going back sometime and I am so honoured to have been a part of Jaimie and Ben’s wedding day.

You both looked stunning and I had a really great afternoon. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, spend the day with you and photograph your wedding. xo

















And this last photo probably needs explaining as I don’t usually randomly photograph peoples feet! Jaimie and Ben used thongs as place cards for their reception. Everyone had a pair of things with their name written on the side. They were all multi coloured and looked really cool. It is a brilliant idea and totally changed the atmosphere of the reception. Everyone felt relaxed, was having a great time and it was a party vibe. I know it was all due to the thongs because when you put a pair of thongs on, you can’t help but feel instantly casual. Love the idea


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