Harrington Wedding Photography: Lisa & Paul

Lisa is absolutely gorgeous !!! I can see why Paul has chosen her from everyone else in the world to spend his life with. She has a gorgeous heart, gorgeous personality, gorgeous eyes and a gorgeous smile. Do you think she is gorgeous !?!

Last weekend Lisa & Paul tied the knot and  we got to spend a beautiful day with them. When I came home that night I said that I had totally enjoyed the day. The reasons for this were all because of who Lisa and Paul are as people.

They were relaxed and carefree after the ceremony.

They allowed plenty of time for their location shoot.

They were ready for anything and allowed us to pick the locations as she trusted in us. Trusted in us as professionals and in our images.

I love it when people trust what they see. People book photographers because of their images. Through images comes personality and what you believe. We believe in capturing natural, beautiful art. That means that we take the normal emotion from a couple and throw in some funky, fresh, modern locations, and that is when art is created.

Congratulations on becoming husband and wife guys. I can see why you two have chosen each other. You are both amazing people who have so much love to share.

Enjoy xo
















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Behind the Scenes …..

I NEVER post photos of myself. I like everyone else, analyses every single photo taken of me. I do find these really different. It shows ME.

I am such a hands on person. I find it so much easier to show someone something than to explain and Jase finds it amusing to capture me doing just that. I have lost count of the photos he has of me pulling stupid faces demonstrating something for a bride or groom. I think I might save them all this year just to see how I really look doing my job :-)


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