Taree Forster Commercial Photographer: Stebercraft

This is the beauty of our business. The fact that Jason and I can work together and have totally different passions. I have to admit that to me, commercial photography is not really that interesting. I know it is certainly important, but for ME it is just one of those things.

For Jason, it is a passion. This is why we work so well together. He loves the art, design and concept of commercial photography all supported by his degree in Graphic Design. Matches perfectly. I will admit that I neglect to blog commercial stuff. I really should feature more of it and from now on I promise to. I should give Jase his time to shine other than weddings.

This is a boat feature that he photographed recently. I swear he knows the inner most details of the Stebercraft collection. He has spent a lot of time on all their boats and loves the opportunity every time another comes off the production line. He is then responsible for the finished product of designing the brochures. He does this whole process so well and I have to say he is brilliant at what he does.

So, Jason’s chance to feature on the blog.








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