Imprint Imaging: Preschool Photography

Just a really quick post tonight as I know I missed last night. I have a really good excuse as we were hit with the bug that is going around. Those who have had it have agreed that they cannot remember ever being so sick and that is the exact way to describe it. It totally knocks you off your feet and you can’t move !

Anyway, for a better note, I did get to a preschool this morning. A massive thank you to the staff and parents for being so understanding that I couldn’t get there yesterday.

I had a good day today with gorgeous kids as always. After visiting the same preschool for so many years you get to form a relationship with families and especially the kids.

This one I have been photographing since he was born …


How cute is he !!!

So I am back. I will be back with a new post tomorrow. As always it takes a couple of days to get over illness so sorry for the short post, I promise more tomorrow. xo

happy wheels

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