Imprint Imaging: Let’s play catch up

August is here, can you believe it !!!!! I am amazed that we are now officially on the down hill run to Christmas. Yes I am going to say the C word – Christmas. It really will be here before we know it.

I have been planning this years Christmas specials which will be announced soon. It may seem early but my diary is very full for the rest of the year so there will be limited spaces availble for Christmas bookings. Wedding season is almost upon us and we are pushed to the max with heaps of work. Over the next few months there will be weddings, weddings, weddings. We have 10 weddings to shoot in October and considering there are 5 weeks in the month you can see we will be VERY busy.

SO … August is the month for catch up. I am going to post a new shoot every day. There are many shoots I have never gotten the chance to blog so I will catching up. That is right, EVERY day there will be a new blog post. Check in daily to see if your kids (or indeed yourself) pop up.

Todays post (i have 30 minutes left of the 1st August so it still counts lol) is a commercial shoot that Jason took quite a while ago. I get so caught up in all my bubs and kids that his work doesn’t always make an appearance.

This is Royce Everingham. He is a brilliant local country musician. He came to see Jason for his album covershots along with the design and printing of all his covers and labels. We can produce the full product which means we have the control over the whole process, giving you the best finished product you can hope for. ¬†Check out how amazing the finished product of Jason’s work is.









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