Imprint Imaging Birth: What is Birth Photography?

Birth photography has been around for a while now, in fact I have been photographing births for the past six years. It is the type of photography that brings the most shock whenever it is mentioned followed by lots of questions. It is also the photography that pulls those heart strings the tightest as there is nothing more real and in the moment as photographing a birth. It is absolutely amazing documenting two peoples love as it grows into love for their child. The child that is the perfect mix of the both of them.

In this blog post I will answer the most common questions and give information about birth photography. Right from the start I tell everyone the same thing and I begin by telling you the same. It is not for everyone. Having your birth photographed may definately not be for you and that is more than ok. I am aware that it is the most personal and private moment you will go through in your whole life. Some people want this photographed for that exact reason, others don’t. I have also had people say they would never have their birth photographed and then have changed their mind after seeing our birth images. Every single person has said they never regretted it. Many have said they wished they had photographed all of their childrens births. If you want more knowledge about birth photography, read on ….



How did you begin photographing births?

A beautiful photographer that I have the pleasure of knowing, sent me an email the day after she photographed a birth. I read it in shock as I had never considered photographing a birth or thought that anyone would want it photographed in their wildest dreams. I had visions like everyone else does of pain, screaming, blood and fear. I cut straight to the gory bits in my mind and I couldn’t imagine any one wanting to have a photographer capturing those moments. Then, she sent me a link to a slideshow of her images. OMG .. it was breath taking. I had that lightbulb moment where I got it. I totally understood what birth photography was about and I knew I wanted to give that to couples. Then I just had to find someone to let me into their space. We had photographed a wedding of a ¬†beautiful couple who we hit it off with very well. They were the most relaxed and down-to-earth couple who were expecting their baby in a few months and so, I asked them, they said yes and that was the day that changed the way I saw birth photography and the passion for documenting this priceless moment began.

How many births have you photographed?

At the latest count, I am up to birth number 88. Every single birth still amazes me and I love photographing them!


When do you go to the hospital?

I stay in regular contact with the couple once labour has started. My phone has regular beeps of updates on labour day as we just track progress and when the time is right, that is the time I go to the hospital and begin documenting their moments.


What about if it is 2am in the morning?

The simple answer is .. I get out of bed and go to the hospital. Babies have no time schedule as we know and so if it is 2am, then it is 2am. I personally love this time of the morning. My family are tucked away asleep, the world is in darkness and I just slip out the door and capture the most amazing images of pure love.



What if I am having a c-section or need to have one?

We can still photograph your birth story and I have photographed this many times. It obviously works a little differently but we can still capture everything. Only one person can go into theatre with the mother but that person can take in their camera and the midwife can capture those photos. I still get to capture the lead up to going in, the after moments, the measurements and the love. Your camera captures the actual moments of birth and together, we have an amazing story to be treasured.


Can I see a slideshow and get more information from you?

Of course! If you click here you can complete your information for all of our baby information and please contact the studio with any questions or if you would like to come in and talk to us about your birth. It is something you will cherish forever.


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