Imprint Imaging Newborn: William


I’ll love you forever …. I’ll like you for always,
As long as I am living ….My baby you’ll be   –  Unknown


They came from Newcastle to allow us the honour of documenting this journey. They came for their pregnancy shoot and the perfect roundness of her growing belly was so magical to capture. They came for their newborn shoot and the perfect roundness of their baby was even more magical and amazing to capture.

They have created something perfect. William is even more than perfect if there is such a thing. He is such a lucky boy to have parents like he does. They cherish, love and adore him. They are in awe of this little man who has completely stolen their hearts and changed their lives in a moment. They are now Mum and Dad and this journey is filled with learning, love and laughter.

Ashleigh and Troy … thank you so much for travelling to see us in the studio. It has been pure delight to document this stage of life for you. Thank you for being such a gorgeous couple and now gorgeous parents. xo


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