Imprint Imaging: Never forgotten

I don’t believe anyone would have ever been able to say anything other than the words, strong … loyal … compassionate … caring … enriching …. gentle, about this amazing lady. She was the type of person that you admire because she possessed the character that we all strive for. No one ever had a negative thing to say about her and instead they expressed her beauty that radiated in everything she did. She was a lover undoubtedly as she loved people more than anyone I know.

This beautiful lady was one of most amazing people we had the opportunity to spend time with and to know through our career. She officiated so many ceremonies that we photographed. She declared many, many couples to be husband and wife. She created the most beautiful, personal ceremonies. She knew how to read people and gave them the perfect wedding ceremony every single time. She was an amazing celebrant …. one of our elite celebrants … that is exactly how to describe Roxanne Ruprecht.

Last night, the world lost a beautiful woman.

She was inspirational. She was someone that can only be held in the highest regard and she had a strength that many people never find. She battled for a long time and very, very few knew. She never missed a day at work. She never missed a wedding ceremony. Throughout all of her ups and downs, she cared more for others than she did for herself. Her priorities were ensuring her students kept learning. Her priorities were to ensure her couples received the ceremony they had wished for. She never missed a beat. The show always went on … she always went on.

Only three weeks ago, we had the absolute pleasure of photographing one of the last couples to experience Roxanne’s beauty. On the beach, she delivered a touching, loving, compassionate service. She talked about love and shared her wisdom with everyone who was there. She always made me stop and reflect every time I heard her speak about love. She had the wisest words. She used the power vested in her to declare this couple husband and wife and she never missed a beat.

Jason and I had the pleasure of speaking with her before the ceremony as we always do. We shared a laugh with Roxanne and her amazing husband Steve. We always caught up and discussed our industry and what we were both up to. Roxanne and I had our usual dig at our husbands, completely tongue in cheek, as we regularly did. We had no idea how much she was fighting right at that moment. That horrible illness was taking over once again and this time it was really determined to get her.

Three weeks to the day, she left this world. She left this world and left behind a beautiful impression that can never be replaced. She touched many, many people. She touched the lives of many of our wedding partners and we are all in disbelief. It all happened so quickly and it is hard to get your head around how someone so beautiful, so deserving of life, can be taken away. There simply are no answers.

Our hearts go out to her husband Steve. Jason and I are thinking of you constantly and sending you all of our strength and support. Our hearts go out for his Roxy.

Roxanne, you will be incredibly, incredibly missed. There is a hole in our industry that will never, ever be mended. When we all gather, there will always be that piece missing. There will always be a feeling of incomplete. Thank you for sharing so much wisdom with us.  Thank you for allowing us to experience your beautiful soul. It will always be missed.

Last night the world definately lost a beautiful, beautiful woman.


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