Imprint Imaging Reflection: Some life ramblings …..

Right now I am on my lounge in total silence. I have just dropped Blake at school and instead of doing the dash to work, starting up the computer, answering emails, checking the phone and working out who is doing what for the days events in the office, I have run away home and made a cup of tea. Just 15 minutes at home in silence this morning was a craving that I couldn’t ignore.

Life has been super crazy! It has been chaotic and also filled with the best moments of my life. It has been filled with love, happiness, craziness and insanity. It has been a whirlwind.

On Friday we went to Sydney and shopped like there was no tomorrow and then had the.most.amazing.time.EVER. We went to Acer Arena and saw one of the worlds real musicians and entertainers Prince. He has been Jase’s number one artist forever and I have fallen into the wife role of knowing his songs and thinking a mix of his stuff is ok and his stuff is at the same time plain weird. He is a guy all to his own and love him or hate him, he knows music better than most people in the world. Friday night was mind-blowingly awesome. What an amazing experience that stands as one of the best nights of our lives. From the two hour pre party to the 25 minute amazing rendition of Purple Rain to the one hour post party … it was awesome.

Saturday we went to my favourite store ever … Ikea. OMG did we shop there as well. You couldn’t even begin to imagine how tetris packed our car was but we got so many bargains. Our proofing room at the studio looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. So, so, so super happy. It is exactly as we planned and looks even better than I thought it would. Can’t wait to start on the next stage.

Saturday afternoon had a gorgeous E-session with an amazing couple, Matt & Sam. They are so so so beautiful. They have a heart of gold and I adore them. They showed us some areas in Newcastle that we had never seen before and it was so much fun! Their wedding day is going to be beautiful. We are looking forward to it so much!

Sunday .. Mothers Day. OMG my kids are so cute! With some very, very special help they had set up the table with candles and flowers. They had written messages as to why they loved me on the table cloth and drawn pictures. They had heart chocolates leading from my bedroom door to the table and they had organised the perfect breakfast. Pancakes with berry coulis topped with fresh raspberries, blueberries and ice cream. Yum !!! The look on their faces was so cute and I adore them. Thank you to a very special person who helped them prepare it all. She is amazing!

After  breakfast Jase and I ducked off to a family property at Oxley Island and photographed a beautiful family. It was a special one year olds naming day and the whole family gathered together to have some pics. It was especially important as the farm has just been sold. What a gorgeous family, a gorgeous location and such an easy shoot. It is an honour to share in important life moments with our clients and we feel lucky to be able to do so every day.

Monday we had a gorgeous 4 month old in. She has grown so much and is so cute! Her newborn photos were adorable and as she is growing, she has personality plus! I also got to share some pregnancy photos with such a wonderful couple. Their photos are gorgeous and exactly what they wanted. Grassy, sun flarey, warm, natural images. I loved seeing the emotion as they watched the pieces of art we had created, come alive on the screen infront of them. I spent time with my Mum and had afternoon tea with her for Mothers Day and spoilt her with day spa vouchers. Her and I are going to have some time being pampered some time soon …. a perfect gift I think. Swimming lessons and a gym session completed the evening.

Yesterday I had a big surprise when I was asked to be a bridesmaid for a dear friend. I really didn’t see it coming and I am still shocked that I get to have such an important part in her big day. Some friendships occur when you don’t expect them. Sometimes people you meet turn out to be the ones who know you best, don’t judge you, support you and respect you more than most and I am super happy to be able to give all of this and more. It is going to be a huge year next year. I have never stood as a bridesmaid before but it is happening twice next year so I know it is going to be a lot of fun. It will be very interesting to be on the other side of the camera.

Yesterday I also got all cakey with a special one year old and we had a fun cake smash. She was so cute and a little bit messy and that is so much fun. Little Addi is super cute and she totally turned it on for the camera. It was a perfect one year old shoot and I can’t believe how perfect she was. We have so so so many cute shots.

There were orders to send out, photos back from the printer, ballet rehearsal for the eisteddfod which is days away and food shopping. I finished editing two shoots last night and Jase is working through the weddings. We edit every night from 8.30 to about 11.30 and then crawl into bed for some sleep. It is normal for us and I love everything that we do but there are some crazy hours!

Today … I need to follow up with clients, delegate staff tasks, complete edits on three shoots hopefully, book in next weeks proofing appointments and complete some orders. This afternoon there is a kids doctors appointment, tutoring with the other, personal training session for me at my trainers house in the dark (because that is the only time I can fit it in lol), dinner to organise, a bag to pack and some sleep very needed before I jump on a plane tomorrow.

Tomorrow and Friday is a super fast trip to Brisbane and back with no rest but some things have to be done. It is important to be there when tragic circumstances occur

Saturday we have a super beautiful wedding

Sunday we have a portrait shoot in the morning and another in the afternoon.

So …. there is a summary of life. It is wonderful, it is exciting. It is filled with love, contentment and happiness. It is filled with craziness, tiredness and wackiness. It is chaotic and filled with memories. This poor blog gets neglected and I don’t keep up with it nearly as much as I should. I have a very love/hate relationship with my blog. I love it to death because I am proud to show our work, our love and our passion. I love connecting with the blog stalkers (I say that word with love because I love blog stalkers and I laugh when someone confesses to being one – stalkers make me feel loved :) ). I hate how much time to takes to blog and I struggle with the balance of coping with life, work and the blog. I struggle with the timing and making it all fit. I hate how I have a very high standard within myself to write and I don’t blog unless my writing is from the heart. The pressure I put on myself to write in my way can be very tiring and I do this to myself.

I love my life. I love the people I am surrounded with every day. I love my friends, I love my best best bestest friend like there is no tomorrow. I love my husband with my heart and soul. I love my kids like they are the only people in the world and I would do anything for them. I love my blog stalkers and I love my job. I love waking up and going to work because it is not really work. It is my life. I couldn’t ever imagine not doing what I do. I love people and that’s why I photograph people. I love life and that is my I photograph real life moments.

I have no idea why I wanted to sit and document all this today. It feels important and it feels right. If you haven’t dropped off and are still reading, I love you. Have a fantastic day and enjoy life. Without life, there is nothing xo

happy wheels