Imprint Imaging Studio News: Studio Hours


Work/life balance is a very important thing. To find that right balance can be hard, sometimes you just need to make it happen. Jason and I have been discussing all things life since the start of this year and looking at how to make everything fit perfectly.

One thing that we identify is that we work very hard and often, we work seven days a week. Our job is a full-time job and more full-time than most. We work every weekend and sometimes both days on a weekend. It is undeniable that we love what we do and we have passion and drive which is the most important thing in our career life. We also know that we work very, very hard to have a life and provide for our kids.

For the past 10 years we have never taken a lunch break, we have had 4 weeks off work in total and we have worked very long hours. It has been more than worth it, it has been our life. It still is our life and we wouldn’t change anything in our world. We love photography, we love photographing people and we love our brand new house and we without question love our kids. We also love each other and this year we decided it was time to make up for those lack of lunch hours.

From this week we will be closing Fridays at the studio. We will still be open Monday to Thursday like normal and we will definately still be working Saturdays and Sundays. Friday will be our day to enjoy life, enjoy time together, pick up our kids from school together and have family time that we don’t have on weekends. We want to create more memories of these years as our kids grow and 2012 is the year to make it happen. I am looking forward to having lunch dates with my husband. I am looking forward to afternoon teas and park dates. I am looking forward to getting the work/life balance right.

If our clients are travelling to see us and need a Friday appointment, we can certainly schedule a time to meet. Appointments are possible but as a general week to week thing, Friday is the one day we will be closed. We have spent the past few weeks talking to clients about our new change and everyone has looked at us and said, “Go for it, you need it !!”. Thank you for your love and support for our business, our life and our family. The best thing about our job is that we get to share our lives with the most amazing people and that is you. We get to share your moments and you all share ours. That is the power of photography. It brings people together and it makes your inner circle so much bigger.

So, enjoy life. Live, laugh and be happy. I hope you all have the perfect work/life balance. I can’t wait to share our Friday adventures with you



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