Imprint Imaging: Our princess is five!


Today marked another milestone in her life. The big FIVE!

She could have started school this year but I am a believer in another year is better in the long run and so we chose to keep her at home, or shall I say preschool, for another 12 months. The emotional benefits will definately be a good thing as she really needs to grow emotionally to handle the playground dramas.

Our little girl, how you have changed in the past few months. You are growing before our eyes and we have found it hard to believe you have hit the age of five already. I do remember the day you entered the world. It was typical you style. We forced you out by way of induction and even now you need to be forced to get your butt into gear. On that day, you went from lazing around inside with no sign of depature, to full arrival into the world in 2 hours. Yes, two hours from whoa to go and OMG what incredible pain you put me through in two hours. That still sums you up now. Yes, we have to force you to get moving but once you have that kick up the butt, it is full speed. One extreme to the other some may say.

You are also quiet, compassionate, loving and adorable. You love one on one time and it is the perfect time to really connect with you. You love snuggles, you love girly things and you love to paint your nails. More than anything in this world, you love pink and purple.

You are beautiful little princess. You mean the world to us and we love you so so much. Happy Birthday baby girl xo

Tonight, we celebrated with family. It was quiet and simple. Those who were here the day she entered the world were here to share her day with her and it was perfect. We also had the perfect cake. It was simply divine and I reluctantly cut it. What a masterpiece!

I would love to say I made it but I am definately not that creative. I handed full creative right over to the fantastic Niki and she made the most gorgeous cake. It was perfect and Alicia LOVED it. Niki, you are a brilliant cake maker …… you are definately making all the cakes in this household from now on!


He he … we told her that she could get another present if she let her brother hug her ….. oh we are mean !!!


Did you know when you turn five you can instantly read instructions all by yourself! You definately can’t do that when you are four!


The amazing cake by Niki. Head over to her Facebook page and it is a must to get one of her creations for the next birthday in your house!

Icing Art by Niki



Happy Birthday to our gorgeous girl. May all your dreams come true and life bring you everything you could ever wish for  xo


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