Imprint Imaging: Happy New Year from us

We wish you all a very Happy New Year and we hope the first day of 2012 has been a fantastic one for you.

Last night saw the end to a huge year for us and as we reflected upon everything that has happened and we have achieved, it is hard to imagine what 2012 will hold in store. Our goals for 2011 were:

Make the journey for Blake starting big school as tear free and enjoyable as possible - Blake is flying through school, especially maths.

Sell our home and buy a bigger house - We are super excited to be moving into the place that took our hearts on first inspection, on the 13th of this month!

Try and crack the big 50 in the number of weddings we photographed for the year – we achieved this and did exactly 50 weddings. Two days ago we booked wedding number 49 for 2012 so this year is going to just as big and amazing!

Push our photography bigger and better with each shoot we did through the year – Jase and I can go through the blog and see so many milestones we achieved for ourselves, a growth in us and a photography style we have brought into this area that we are proud of.

Push the studio in the directions we have dreamed – we have started this throughout 2011 and have begun building the next stage to our studio since Christmas!

What a year upon reflection. We both love what we do and we can’t wait to take on everything that lies before us for 2012.

We will begin this year with a few staff changes by adding to our team. Niki who has been with us for many years is moving up in the world and is going to start assisting with the editing of our images. We realised that with the volume of work we do, we need a computer editor and Niki is going to be doing the first part of our editing which will save us a lot of time and allow us to get away from the screen a lot more. She is super excited for a challenge and we will have many challenges for her this year :)

We are also introducing Skii to our team and she is going to be involved in the customer service section of the studio. You will hear her on the phone and see her smiley face when you drop in. We are very excited to be adding her to our team!

So, that is the first of many changes and additions to the studio this year. We want to end this blog post with a review from the staff for 2011. These images were taken at our work Christmas party and we all played in the park with our families this year. We all have kids so what better way to celebrate the end of the year then with all our munchkins.

We discussed the year and we asked each staff member to pick two highlights:

Leanne -

1. Running on to the middle of the road on the Martin Bridge with Talya & Ben and their bridal party. It was super fun and we have amazing photos  …. so worth holding up the traffic!
2. “Ummm, Jase ….. has that guy got your camera bag on his back over there!” – Leannes quote from Rach & Josh’s wedding day before Jase had to go and remove his camera bag off a very intoxicated guest. We still have no idea where he was heading as he stumbled down the paddock … that was definately a first and we laugh about it all the time.

Niki -

1. Standing naked on top of Waitui Falls for her pregnancy shoot. We really pushed the boundaries of what people think they can create from a pregnancy shoot and her images get talked about by clients all the time. It was especially funny when a couple came for a romantic picnic at the bottom of the waterfall and were greeted by Niki’s body. For some reason they disappeared fairly quickly lol.  I loved this shoot!

2. Sharing the birth of her third child with us. From having me document her birth and be there to hold her hand afterwards when things didn’t go according to plan to bringing him in to work for the first time to meet Jase and then sharing his whole year with us every Thursday. We love you Vinnie and I remember his birth like it was yesterday.

Tanya -

1. Having her first photo published on the blog amongst Jase and my images. Very well deserved we think and her images regularly make blog appearances now.

2. Getting a little insight into birth photography when she delivered breakfast to myself and Greg after Ange gave birth to Keanu. After an amazing, long night, Maccas never tasted so good! She got to see into those first couple of hours after a baby makes its entrance to the world and it is definately something that sticks with someone forever.

Jase and I – We are going opt out of this one as we really can’t pick only two stand out moments. There are so many moments that happen in everything we do and we definately can’t pick favourites. There has been so many amazing moments and all I can say from our perspective is we have loved sharing all of our moments with you.

Thank you to each and every one of you, both clients and blog readers. We love every single one of you for supporting us and sharing in our moments. Here is to 2012 …. we can’t wait to see what lies ahead of us this year!







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