Monthly archives:November 2010

  • Imprint Imaging Weddings: Nicole & Justin

  • I saw him do it and it totally warmed every part of my heart. Just in that one moment, I could tell Justin was soooo in love with Nicole. It really summed up everything, and it was so miniscule that everyone else would have missed it. As Nicole turned the corner and stood at the top of the aisle,[...]
  • Imprint Imaging Baby: Jaxon

  • I am very spoilt. I always get the cutest babies to photograph! Jaxon is super handsome and looks extra charming in his tie. His outfit was his Christening attire and I have no doubt he would have been the most handsome little man there. I absolutely loved playing with him. He seemed to find my c[...]
  • Imprint Imaging Baby: Milla

  • She has the most adorable smile. It lights up her whole face. The cutest thing is as soon as she sees you that is exactly how you are greeted, with the hugest cheeky grin. You find yourself totally immersed in her cuteness and she makes you fall in love with her instantly. I think that is how she ge[...]
  • Harrington Wedding Photography: Lauren & Adam

  • She greeted us with the biggest smile. Lauren looked breathtaking. Her hair was casually swept up, her makeup highlighted her features perfectly. She already looked stunning and she wasn't even in her gown. One look at her dress and I could tell it was an instant match for her, it was an incredible [...]
  • Imprint Imaging Newborn: Noah

  • I think it is time to blog a baby shoot to break up all these weddings we are showing. It is super chaotic lately. Everyone is getting in before the Christmas cut offs to have their bubs and families photographed and the weddings are still in full force enjoying this gorgeous weather. Just a remi[...]
  • Taree Wedding Photography: Samantha & Aaron

  • The weather was perfect. A little on the hot side with a beautiful afternoon breeze just to cool it down. Samantha was all ready. Her hair was perfect, her makeup looked gorgeous. As she slid into her gown it was the final piece, she was now a bride. The excitement about marrying Aaron was in her ey[...]