Monthly archives:June 2010

  • Imprint Imaging: Kylie, Gary & Lachlan

  • Gorgeous winter light, you know how much I love photographing in winter. I love the colours, the textures and the light. There are many locations that work brilliantly when the leaves fall and the grass dies off. It is just a different look that I can't get enough of. Kylie & Gary made an imp[...]
  • Newcastle Wedding Photographer: Lori & Rhys

  • The world of email now means that a lot of our correspondence is done over the internet. Sometimes even though you only correspond via email you can tell someones personality just by the way they write. Lori booked us without ever having see us face to face. That is not all that uncommon these days [...]
  • Port Macquarie Baby Photography: Byron

  • Time seems to be flying during Byron's first year. He is now moving around rather fast and loves to be entertained. He isn't happy to just sit and watch the world pass by anymore, not that he ever really did. He now wants to be a part of everything - exploring, playing and learning. Babies rea[...]
  • Engagement Sessions: Renee & Peter

  • Meet one of our October couples. We have 11 weddings to photograph in October, yes I did say 11. Yes there is only five weekends in October. Life is going to be crazy, even crazier than now. Everyone is loving the winter months and deciding to have portraits done and as I said in an earlier blog pos[...]
  • Last chance: Old Files Destroyed

  • It has come to our attention over the weekend that we have run out of storage room. The number of hard drives, CD's, DVD's is to much for us to continue to store. We are offering everyone who has had a shoot done within the last three years the chance to purchase the files from their shoot for an[...]
  • A special message: Dear Ang

  • I have one of those friends who come into your life and you know you could never live without them. You love them to death, they know how to drive you nuts, you can never offend each other no matter how hard you try and you love to stir the s#*t out of each other. I have one of those friends ment[...]
  • Imprint Imaging: Seth

  • What a gorgeous man this little guy is. He has eyes that just make you melt. He seems very wise and I think his brain works overtime taking every little thing in. He is going to be a challenge to keep entertained as I think as he is just so switched on. I loved photographing Seth and documenting [...]
  • Behind the scenes: Sunday Snippets

  • Jason and I were discussing all things business a couple of weeks ago. We were reviewing weddings and portraits and deciding that we need to go on our annual adventures to find new locations. We have a massive dislike for shooting in the same locations time and time again. That is just not us. We do[...]