Monthly archives:January 2010

  • Mid North Coast Photography: NYE Wedding

  • I know that Lee will have been patiently waiting on these, especially since I gave her a taste the other day. There was something special when I received an email saying, "This is a very private ceremony with no guests.. just 2 witness,us & our 4 children" I just knew this wedding would b[...]
  • Imprint Imaging: A moment in time

  • Today I witnessed the arrival of a new life. At 5.22pm a little girl entered the world and I was privileged enough to capture it. As I say every time, I LOVE birth photography. It is not for everyone. Some people cringe when I tell them what I do. For those who are open to the idea and want the emot[...]
  • New Years Resolutions .... What are yours?

  • Resolutions. Why does that word have a sense of failure as soon as you say it? We all start the year declaring to be a better person, complete things we have been meaning to do etc etc. I think resolutions can be a good thing as it makes us stop and evaluate where we are heading in life. It gives yo[...]