Monthly archives:July 2009

  • Imprint Newborn Photography: Amelie

  • I simply couldn't resist. This is a newborn shoot I took a couple of days ago. I try to do each shoot in order but I just couldn't help pulling out three shots just to see how amazing they were and I am thrilled with the results. This is Amelie and this is the reason why newborns in that first we[...]
  • Taree Family Photography: The Hogan Family

  • You may remember this little bub from an earlier blog post. Vanessa and Addison came back to see me a couple of weekends ago and brought the whole family this time. What a beautiful family you have Vanessa and Pat ! I had a lovely time being entertained by William and Charlotte kept me on my toes[...]
  • Taree Newborn Photography: Hudson and Isla

  • I had the cutest session last week. I was so excited to meet handsome Hudson and then he brought along his cousin Isla. She was super cute as well. The challenge was then to get the two together and show off how gorgeous they are ... job done !! Here's a sneek peak of Hudson and Isla. Meet [...]
  • Taree Newborn Photography: Tully

  • Another newborn shoot to show you. I have had a run of teeny little bubs lately and I am having so much fun !! This is little Miss Tully. Believe it or not, she is one month old. She is still so little and I loved the way she let me place her in any position. She was so super adorable, even when [...]
  • Taree Newborn Photography: Beautiful Ella

  • 9 days of pure beauty. This precious girl did everything perfectly. She slept, curled, pouted and grinned all in the right places. This is the adorable shots you can capture when bubs are brand spanking new. Within the first 10 days is the ideal time to capture newborn freshness. Generally speaki[...]
  • Taree Baby Photographer: 6 month old Nate

  • Another 3 months have passed since I saw Nate and he has changed so much. His personality is so adorable and his little querks are cute. He now smiles with his bottom lip sucked in which looks rather ... interesting. He seems to have adopted this new smiling technique so we had to worked extra hard [...]
  • Taree Children's Photographer: Travis

  • This little guy kept me on my toes !! A very active 13 month old who loves to be on the move. The secret was to keep him moving. If the environment around him kept changing he was so happy and that's when the beauty of having the indoor/outdoor studio combo really pays off. Enjoy Jo.  I know y[...]
  • Taree Family Photography: The Dawson Family

  • This little man is seriously handsome !! Charming, hilarious and adventurous. He really has it all going and he is only 2 !! Watch out girls ! What a great session with a fantastic family. This little guy had me in hysterics with his chuckle and we even went looking for things in the garden. A ve[...]