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  • Children's Photography: X turns the big One

  • I have watched all the children grow in this family and I have a suspicion this may be the last baby photo I may take for them. X has just turned 1 and Mum likes to celebrate the big event with a special photo shoot. X is one of the funniest kids I have ever had in the studio. I called in back up fo[...]
  • Baby Comp Update... The top 3 are....

  • I am overwhelmed at the reponse to the baby competition so far. Local advertising begins this weekend so the reponse so far has been purely from the blog and our blog subscribers!! Voting is coming in continually which is a full-time job within itself !! Thanks for all the votes, you all have a h[...]
  • Baby Photography: 3 month baby plan

  • I took little M's photos yesterday. He is starting off his baby plan which meant his first shoot was his 3 month photos. He decided to have a catnap which suited me fine as i got to take some gorgeous sleeping pics. M smiles in his sleep which was so cute to watch !! I had the chance to try some [...]
  • Baby Comp: Cutest Baby in the Manning

  • I'm so excited to announce our baby comp is now activated and ready for entries !! Our blog readers have the inside goss and the first chance to enter. Flyers won't be dleivered until next week but you can still enter from now.   We know how much everyone loves to show off their baby and we ha[...]
  • Baby Plan: Mr B at 3 months

  • This little man has just started his baby plan. For those who don't know it is our package to capture the first year of bubs life with 4 photo shoots - normally 3mths, 6mths, 9mths and 12mths. This little man was so happy and had such an adorable grin. A very easy going baby, B seems to love peop[...]
  • 3 months: He just makes your heart melt

  • F is the cutest little man.  Those captivating blue eyes are so hard to go past. I was so happy when he loved my cocoon and fell asleep (for a few minutes at least). He has the most angelic face when he sleeps.. aahh. F was a funny little guy who didn't like to give any smiles. Mum and Dad said he i[...]
  • 12 months: Not a baby anymore....

  • I have just finished A's baby plan with her 12 month shoot. It is always a reality check when you realise a whole year has passed and the little girl standing infront of me was that little 3 month old not that long ago. It really brings home how important that first year is and luckily we have that [...]
  • Sneak Peek: Noah (part 3 of his baby plan)

  • Noah has been seeing me since he was 3 months old when his mum started his baby plan package. He has always been the most content, happiest baby full of massive grin. While i still got his gorgeous grin this time, i also got to see the development in Noah's personality. I just love the photo of him [...]