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  • Imprint Imaging: Preschool Photography

  • Just a really quick post tonight as I know I missed last night. I have a really good excuse as we were hit with the bug that is going around. Those who have had it have agreed that they cannot remember ever being so sick and that is the exact way to describe it. It totally knocks you off your feet a[...]
  • Imprint Imaging: Let's play catch up

  • August is here, can you believe it !!!!! I am amazed that we are now officially on the down hill run to Christmas. Yes I am going to say the C word - Christmas. It really will be here before we know it. I have been planning this years Christmas specials which will be announced soon. It may seem e[...]
  • Forster Commercial Photography: Australis

  • Jason spent Thursday morning out of the office, photographing the facilities of Australis Diamond Beach Resort. While the accommodation is luxurious and the facilites to die for, the focus was on the conference catering that they can offer. The function room can hold up to 100 delegates in a thea[...]
  • Commercial Photography: A piece of paradise

  • I wanted to share with you some shots Jason took last weekend of a magnificent place at Diamond Beach. Australis is resort accommodation that has that feel of relaxation. I am looking forward to spending a weekend out there over winter when our wedding season slows and making use of all the faciliti[...]
  • Commercial Photography: Listen Up

  • Commercial photography is all about presenting products and business people in the best possible way. Commercial covers any industry and we have photographed a wide variety of subjects from food to bathroom vanities to pools and people.   Bands and Musicians regularly come in to have professio[...]
  • Commercial Photography: Victoria Police

  • Not all photography is about people. Commercial photography gives that professional edge and can make you far superior to other competitors in your field. While i stick to photographing people, Jason multi-taks and is our commercial photographer (of course he loves the people as well). With graphic [...]