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  • Imprint Imaging Birth: A new little boy !!

  • Nothing in my world compares to being part of a birth. It is simply amazing, it is always something that enriches my life and it is my passion. I cannot express how much birth photography means to me and I cherish every single one I am lucky enough to be a part of. Birth photography is not for ev[...]
  • Imprint Imaging: A moment in time

  • Today I witnessed the arrival of a new life. At 5.22pm a little girl entered the world and I was privileged enough to capture it. As I say every time, I LOVE birth photography. It is not for everyone. Some people cringe when I tell them what I do. For those who are open to the idea and want the emot[...]
  • Imprint Imaging Birth Photography: Baby Liev

  • It is so true that babies have their own time schedule and nothing is more true of this little man. I took belly shots of Mum only a couple of weeks ago and lucky we did as he decided to make a very grand arrival 4 weeks early! We had arranged that I was going to photograph his arrival and when I[...]
  • Taree Newborn Photography: Beautiful Ella

  • 9 days of pure beauty. This precious girl did everything perfectly. She slept, curled, pouted and grinned all in the right places. This is the adorable shots you can capture when bubs are brand spanking new. Within the first 10 days is the ideal time to capture newborn freshness. Generally speaki[...]
  • Baby Laine has arrived

  • Do you remember the pregnancy photos i did for E almost two weeks ago? Her little man arrived on Monday morning and they allowed me to be a part of his magical arrival. I made it to the hospital with just four minutes to spare before he made his grand arrival !! It was an amazing experience and this[...]